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I gave birth to our first child in February 2013. Becoming a mother is one of the most rewarding opportunities life has ever given me. It has also been one of the most challenging and exhausting. I had a beautiful pregnancy and glowing pregnancy. And the birth (read about it here), yeah it was beautiful too. I danced our little bundle out in a room filled with laughter. My transition into motherhood... was a hot nasty mess. Breastfeeding was so awkward and painful, I learned that I have an alternate monster personality at 4 in the morning, and there was one day when all I did was cry because I truly felt like I just could not do it. I love being a mom now but there was definitely a learning curve. We have since added another bundle to the family and while I am no expert, I do have insight to share about being not only a mom but being a mom while also being a wife, student, baker, exerciser, friend, pet owner, and general 20-something socializer. It's not an easy juggling act and does often involve copious amounts of coffee, but a full life is something worth working hard for.

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And Her Latte
I have experienced a winding road to healthy and conscious eating. After reading the book Fast Food Nation when I was 12, I announced to my family that, "I am going to be a vegetarian!" Of course they thought it was a phase, but 10 years later I think they have accepted that it is not. As a teenager, though vegetarian, I still ate terribly. If my friends wanted fast-food then I would just eat fries; my mother used to joke that I was the only vegetarian that did not like vegetables. I also suffered from extreme fatigue and low blood pressure, probably from unsatisfactory nutrition. When I began college I also began to educate myself of truly healthy eating. Then I decided to be a biology major, which furthered my interest in organic, natural, and local foods. I tried out veganism for a year, and dabbled in raw foods, both were not for me. Through much trial and error I learned how to gain balance, to listen to myself, and to feed my body, mind, and soul properly. My husband has chronic health problems that have been so greatly improved by a gluten-soy-dairy-refined sugar free diet that I also decided to follow this diet. We are also big fans of solidarity! After the birth of our son I began to crave protein. I tried adding additional vegan protein sources to my diet but found it unsatisfying, so after consideration I decided to add healthy animal protein sources. I feel like I am in the best place I have ever been diet wise. I do not subscribe to a particular diet because I feel that everyone has something different that works for them and that your nutritional needs change throughout your life. I now work in the health industry and what I see is that there is a lot of confusing and conflicting information, so what I hope to do through this blog is share what I know to be true through research and my own experience. 

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It can be frustrating to keep up with all the new and old advice. I cringe to think of all the unhealthy things I did, and money I wasted, thinking I was doing the right thing. So it is important to remember that all you can do is your best with the information that you have. This blog will be my attempt to bring you the best and most current information. I am not a doctor or certified dietitian or personal trainer. Anything read should be regarded as my opinion or personal experience. Always consult your health care professional when changing your diet (in my experience it is best to consult more than one!)

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