Saturday, May 30, 2015

King Cookies

Today I have a super decadent treat for you. I don't buy peanut butter very often because I really can't control myself around the stuff, but after getting into a passionate conversation with a friend about our mutual peanut butter love; the itch had to be scratched. Lately I've been working on making deserts that are only sweetened with fruit; bananas or dates usually work well. So, I had the peanut butter and I had the banana, but where was the pizzazz? Leave it to my husband to challenge me. He informed me that Elvis Presley was famous for making fried PB&B sandwiches so 'why don't you make it taste fried without frying it'. Mmmkay... well after a little "research" I found out he fried them in bacon fat. This was right up my alley because if you are a female on the mom's side of my family then you have a jar of bacon fat for making fried rice, its just a fact. If you think I'm totally bonkers for adding bacon fat to this then try butter, if you want them vegan then try palm shortening. These cookies have a delicious sweet and savory thing going on. I had to make 2 batches because my toddler and I ate them all before I could snap photos. Enjoy!