Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Blog

So my blog turned 1 on November 13th, but I missed the celebration because I was sick. So as a happy belated b-day I want to share the top 10 posts on my blog from the past year. I am so honored to have support from my husband, family, and friends. I never imagined my blog would reach as many people as it does. I hope you find as much joy in it as I do and thank you for reading!

10. Oven Baked Apple Chips
I loved making these apple chips after a day trip to pick fresh apples, a new and old family tradition!

9. Zucchini Lasagna
Last January I challenged myself to prepare a different "green" everyday for a month. This recipe is one of my favorite that came out of it and has always been one of my most popular posts.

8. Pudding Pop's for Tot's
I made a lot of different "pop's for tot's", but this one is certainly my son's favorite and I love that it doesn't make a mess. 

7. 8 Satisfying Things About Being A Stay-At-Home-Parent
I was certainly surprised that this post made it into the top 10, I excepted it to be all recipes, but I am happy others want to read my musings about parenting life.

6. 5 Surprising Toddler Foods
I feel like I could write this post a 1000 times over, as I am constantly surprised what my toddler will and will suddenly not eat!

5. How To Plan The First Birthday Party
Another post that surprised me in it's popularity. I really love hosting parties so I'm proud on this one.

4. Cherry Cream Pop's for Tot's
The chocolate pudding pop's were my son's favorite but this one is mama's favorite. I can't wait until it's cherry season again!

3. Tipsy Cakes
I loved creating this healthy recipe for 3 cupcakes for Valentine's Day.

2. Marinated Cabbage Salad
Another gem from my 31 Day's of Green challenge. I make versions of this all the time.

1. Cashew Pepper Crackers
I am not surprised at all to find this post at number one. I love this recipe and apparently you all do too!

Do you have a favorite post from my blog?

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