Friday, July 11, 2014

Feed Me Friday

Back when I first started blogging (last Novemeber) I tried to start doing a weekly post of a days worth of my meals. And by try I mean I lasted 2 weeks (here and here). Many of the other blogs I read do this. I like seeing what other people eat. I think it sheds a realistic light on eating healthy. So what I found out is that I am terrible at remembering to take a picture of my food. I do a lot of fly-by eating while chasing our toddler around. However, one of my personal health goals is to practice more mindful eating by being present at my meals and to reduce the mindless snacking. Cooking often in the kitchen always leads me to snack when I'm not really hungry. So I am again going to attempt to start this series. I think it benefits you the reader by giving insight into a "healthy" diet (I think it's healthy anyway!) and it helps me by making me stop to take the time to photograph my food and enjoy it! So here is what I ate yesterday….

I got up early to see my husband off (I'm lying, our son woke me up being fussy and then I couldn't fall back asleep, so I hung out with my husband until he left)

I enjoyed a cup of mint green tea with coconut milk, and forgot to take a picture. We are off to a good start! But hey it was way earlier then I'm normally up!


I cooked two local eggs in coconut oil and left the yolks runny. I added some leftover sautéed onion, portobello, and zucchini; and a handful of fresh spinach. I ate that with a side of a melon I got at the farmers market. It has the texture of cantaloupe but a very unique flavor. Its mildly sweet with a little of the right kind of bitter. I think it was called a tropical melon


Later I made some lemon-ginger cookies from one of my favorite blogs (recipe here). Mercury and I both liked them although Noah didn't care for them. 

I also made some homemade sunflower seed butter and had to lick the spoon!


We had a really simple lunch. Spinach salad with honey-dijon dressing (recipe here) and about 4oz of baked salmon. It really hit the spot and was easy to throw together. I had mine with a cup of plain green tea.


I tried to give our son a snack of plantain bread (recipe here, seriously make this, it's amazing) and sunflower seed butter. Of course he suddenly decided he wasn't hungry so I ate it.

Later I had some more mint green tea with coconut milk while I made dinner. Can you tell another one of my health goals is to drink more green tea?


We had enchiladas stuffed with homemade shredded chicken and sautéed peppers, onions, and tomatoes. The tortillas are made out of plantains, flax seeds, and coconut oil (similar to this recipe). Topped with my sisters super easy enchilada sauce recipe (basically tomato sauce and chili powder), cilantro, and cheese dip. We don't normally eat cheese but I happen to be making cheese dip for a party tomorrow and decided a little treat was in order. Neither of us are allergic to dairy, it just doesn't digest well for us so we avoid it mostly.

So I didn't actually have desert. Dinner was really filling and we were both ready for bed soon after. I put it here because this is supposed to be a normal day of meals for me, and I normally eat dessert! Usually some ice-cream, pieces of dark chocolate or some random sweet concoction I'm working on.

What are you eating this week?

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